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Why Rent With

We care more about your trip than anyone else.

Yes, it's a bold statement. But after more than 25 years... We get it. We really do.

" was so good, that at first I sort of questioned their sincerity – how could an on-line company really care that much about my vacation before I actually went. But from beginning to end they provided me with the RIGHT information. They communicated with me in a timely manner, treated all questions as important, and sent me the best materials to support our trip."
- Kim L.

Our Team

  • Suzanne

    Twenty-six years ago, a month in an 18th century Tuscan villa changed my life. More than a vacation, it was a complete cultural experience! In 1984, I founded Rentvillas to share that life-altering experience with others. Today, I continue to travel, touring properties and brushing up on my Italian with the owners. My desire is to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information and the best personalized service in the industry.

  • Marinella

    A native of the island of Sardinia, Marinella has lived in many beautiful coastal locations, including Sicily and Hawaii. “To this day, I have yet to see a sea as beautiful and clear as the one in Sardinia”, she says. It’s no surprise that her favorite food is lasagna-like suppa cuata, a traditional Sardinian wedding dish made with stale bread, fontina, pecorino, and broth. Marinella has seen her share of European cities, but finds Rome to be the most beautiful.

  • Barbara

    From basking in the otherworldly quiet of Naples Bay as she heads toward our newest villa... to discovering exactly what happens when you don't get advance tickets for the Uffizi, Barbara will use her fluent Italian and two decades of experience in Europe to get you the information-- and the helpful tips-- you need. You might even ask her for some pointers on local cooking...

  • Jannah

    Jannah’s passion for foreign travel began in high school, where travel was a key component of the curriculum. Upon graduation, she postponed college and journeyed throughout Europe. She became fluent in Italian during her years as an ex-pat in Ticino, the southern Canton of Switzerland. She also grew to love wild mushrooms, risotto, and gorgonzola with mascarpone.

  • Sarah

    Our resident expert on Greece and the Virgin Islands, Sarah loves to enjoy mezés in a portside taverna or scuba dive when not visiting villas. Greece is her favorite country (the Virgin Islands are a close second), and she can even speak a few words! No stranger to Italy, Sarah has also explored Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, and Norway.

  • Destiny

    Through my years of coordinating airplane and helicopter tours in the Grand Canyon, I discovered my passion for adventure tourism. I loved being entertained by my customers’ fascinating travel tales, and in the process learned how to help them make the most of their trips. My favorite destinations include the Caribbean, Italy, and Mexico. My preferred vacation pursuits are skydiving and.... swimming with sharks!

  • Mary Kate

    Mary Kate began her traveling as a little girl. Traveling to many European cities such as Vienna, Paris, and Budapest. Later after college, Mary Kate ventured to the other side of the world to live and explore in Australia and New Zealand for one year. Mary Kate has been bitten by the travel bug and strives to help others live out their wanderlust. She is our Client Relationship Specialist and wants to assist in any way to make your trip smooth and unforgettable.

Things You'll Appreciate

  • Our Passion for Perfection

    We're committed... to you! Sweating the details is not just our business, it's what makes us tick.

  • Customer Reviews

    Uncut and uncensored: Renters get real about what they did (and didn't) like.

  • Quiz Our Customers

    Why travel blind? Know before you go: you ask the questions, our renters answer.

  • Praises from the Press

    Don't cross your fingers; check our refs! Recommendations from the New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, the Wall Street Journal, and more.