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Portugal is home to beautiful stretches of coastline, arid plains dotted with cork trees, rich agricultural zones, tall mountains, and peaceful fishing villages. It is one of the most rewarding—and overlooked—destinations in Europe. It also happens to be affordable! Portugal offers plenty of variety: you can explore Lisbon, a cosmopolitan city steeped in history, or while away the hours in a brilliantly whitewashed fishing village. The southern coast also has its fair share of modern resort complexes, but the sandy beaches and the warm sun are strong enticements to those seeking relaxation. Start your vacation with one of our apartments or luxury villa rentals in Portugal.

Algarve  -  [ Matches:  5 Villas and Apartments]

The Algarve stretches along the southern coast of Portugal, from Vila Real de Santo Antonio to Cabo de Sao Vicente. It is bordered on two sides by the Atlantic and divided from the rest of Portugal by a range of low mountains. The region's capital, Faro, is built around a quaint harbor at the edge of a wide lagoon; the Roman ruins of Milreu are nearby. Albufeira is the region's largest resort town and is buzzing with tourist activity for most of the year. Lagos, with its busy port and unforgettable cliffs, and Tavira, notable for its Moorish origins, are interesting destinations from our Algarve villas. Sagres, Europe's most southwestern extreme, exhibits the incomparable rugged beauty for which the Algarve is famous. Regional handicrafts include ceramics and blankets, as well as leather and copper goods. Treat yourself to a relaxing and scenic vacation at one of our rental villas in Algarve, Portugal. Algarve Villas, Algarve Apartments

Braga  -  [ Matches:  2 Villas and Apartments]

Braga Villas, Braga Apartments

Lisbon  -  [ Matches:  2 Villas and Apartments]

Costa de Prata stretches from Espinho in the north to Ericeira in the south. It is conveniently connected to Lisbon and Oporto via the A1 motorway. Called the “Silver Coast,” Costa de Prata offers white sandy beaches, saltwater lagoons, and the Berlengas Islands, which are renowned for fishing. Coimbra, overlooking the Mondego River, is home to the Universidade de Coimbra, founded in 1290. Famous for its academic tradition, the city is also renowned for its Romanesque cathedral and the Monastery of Santa Clara. On the outskirts of Coimbra, the Roman ruins at Conimbriga show traces of Roman occupation. Located in the south, Obidos is an enchanting medieval town encircled by walls and topped by a castle that is now a pousada, or hotel. Costa de Prata offers some of Portugal's finest porcelain and crystal, as well Bairrada wine. Come to study—or more likely relax—at one of our Portugal villa or apartment rentals in Lisbon. Lisbon Villas, Lisbon Apartments