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Private Villa Rentals in Crete: Greek Villas and Vacation Rental Homes

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Majestic mountains rise from the center of the island, offering magnificent scenery. Crete is renowned for the variety of its vegetation and the wildlife in its chestnut, oak, and cypress forests. Visitors to any one of our Greek villas in Crete will be rewarded with the island's diverse landscape of rocky cliffs, sand, pebble beaches, high mountains, and sparkling seas. Legend has it that Crete was the birthplace of Zeus and home of the Minotaur. The Minoans, Crete's earliest inhabitants, were an extremely advanced civilization. Their palaces contained plumbing systems unmatched until Victorian times. The most important cities from the Minoan era are Festos and Knossos. Because of Crete's proximity to Egypt and Turkey, the island's culture and history were greatly influenced by different civilizations during the centuries. Explore this fascinating place from one of our Greek island villa rentals in Crete.

Chania  -  [ Matches:  5 Villas and Apartments]

Rethymnon  -  [ Matches:  9 Villas and Apartments]

Rethymnon is the most mountainous of the four prefectures of Crete, situated in the central region of the island. This area is filled with characteristic villages, fantastic beaches (on both coasts), monasteries, churches, caves, and ancient ruins. This is an excellent place for hiking as well as driving, thanks to a new national road that runs the length of the island. Rethymnon is also host to one of the three major cities on the island, Rethimno (the other two are Chania and Heraklion). The picturesque Old Town features narrow streets, Venetian palaces, and Turkish minarets. On the water, a harbor provides ferry connections to mainland Greece, and a beach of several kilometers is the perfect place to relax.