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Reviews of Chateau Rental in France

Chateau Bourbon

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Customer Reviews

The property was lovely and very well furnished and comfortable.
Enjoyed Most:
The historic, yet comfortable atmosphere, beautiful rooms and furniture.
Enjoyed Least:
Not enough toilets on the second floor.
Surrounding Area:
Beautiful countryside with many nearby chateaux to visit. Other larger towns - Lyons, Bourges, Beaune were about a two hour drive away
Nearby Events or Locales:
There was a very small town within walking distance, but the closest town large enough to pick up groceries was Dompiere, which was about 6 km away
Tips or Restaurants:
The Auberge D'Olive in Dompiere was a delicious, very nice restaurant.

Jane, July

The setting on the hillside was spectacular, as was the Chateau building. Even though it was a huge property, we all felt very much at home, because the owners live there when it is not rented. The property exceeded the description and images provided. We had Sylvie cater two meals for us, which would qualify for a five-star rating anywhere in the world.
Enjoyed Most:
Spacious historical building with charming bedrooms and ample living space to spread out. Well appointed with two kitchens. The small one with the terrace became our family hang-out. The services were excellent, starting with the tour by the owners on our arrival and continuing with daily maid service, which included fresh croissants and bread each morning.
Enjoyed Least:
If you are tall, remember to duck in some doorways!!!!
Surrounding Area:
Beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt countryside with many chateaux and churches in the region. Very easy to get around and no other tourists that we could tell. The local people in the villages were all extremely helpful despite our inabilty to speak French to any great degree.
Nearby Events or Locales:
Dompierre sur Besbre. Not within walking distance, but the roads in the region had very little traffic.
Tips or Restaurants:
Bring good weather!! We had a week of uninterupted sunshine. The Olive Restaurant in Dompierre is good, but we generally ate in as a large family. Toys and videos for the children are a must!!! We had four cars between the whole group.
Check In Out:
The owners provided us with a comprehensive tour of all the buildings, which was extremely useful.

John, August

The Castle was the most beautiful and unbelievable place that any of us had ever stayed. It was truly a Castle and we were treated like royalty by the entire staff. Our only conflict was that there was so much to see in the surrounding area, but no one, including the kids, wanted to leave the beautiful Chateau and it's grounds. My family, my brothers and my parents have traveled extensively and stayed in many different places in Europe. Everyone agreed that this was by far the most beautiful and unbelievable place we had ever been lucky enough to stay. In fact, the pictures on the website were wonderful, but they don't even begin to capture the castle's grandeur. Thank you so much for all of your help in finding this wonderful place. If you have not already seen it and you find yourself in that part of France, it would certainly be worth stopping by. You won't believe your eyes.
Enjoyed Most:
Everything, as stated above. The staff was so kind and funny and helpful. We would wake up every morning to baguettes and croissants fresh from the bakery. They would clean all of the dishes that we would leave from the night before and have fresh linens on the tables before we were all awake. They were very tolerant with our broken French and in an effort to help us, used the internet to write and translate the answers to some of our questions.
Enjoyed Least:

Kitty, July

Enjoyed Most:
We all were absolutely thrilled with the property and the owners and the staff...the house itself and the surrounding gardens are not only outstanding in terms of history and heritage, but also in the degree of care which has been given in the restoration and updating for modern convenience. My family has traveled all over the world and stayed in some of the best accommodations available and this was indeed one of the most outstanding destinations we have ever had. However, that said, if you are especially looking for a lot of activities, tourist sights of interest, this is not the best destination. We were looking for leisure, swimming pool set in a gorgeous setting, bike riding thru lovely countryside, cooking, fabulous kitchen areas, excellent gourmet chef upon request, Troisgrois, oldest 3 star restaurant in France for an evening out, and beautiful vistas to be enjoyed on foot, bike, or by car. For small children there is a playground on the property next to the pool.

In fact we did not at all expect the attention to detail, the renovations or the modern conveniences that the chateau had. I believe that the property is under-rated in terms of what it had to offer compared to other properties we have rented in the past. Also, as I said, the surrounding area, owners and the staff far surpassed our expectations.

The fact that the gardens are open to the public should be mentioned as they are near the pool area and the fact that strangers might be peeking over the fence, or one day, raiding the plum trees, should be noted. Again, the chateau was a delight as were all connected with it and as was Patricia from Rentvillas, who was so kind and helpful and PATIENT with me as we made plans for the trip.

Gale, August

It was beautiful and adequate in size. The rooms were grand and nicely decorated. The scenery is beautiful, and the views are of the countryside and typical French farms.
Enjoyed Most:
The chef we hired for the week was exceptional and a kind generous man. He made it a real gastronomic vacation for all including the kids!
Enjoyed Least:
The lack of time the staff spent tidying up. We are exceptionally clean though, and maybe our expectations are very high.
Surrounding Area:
Quiet, you can visit other chateaus and bike in the area, which we enjoyed. If you travel about an hour, you can visit some larger towns like Vichy.
Nearby Events or Locales:
Vichy was nice, we saw the thermal springs. We also biked with all the kids-beautiful countryside. If the weather were nicer, we could do lots of outdoor sports like swimming, fishing, tennis, horseback riding.
Tips or Restaurants:
Restaurant Troisgrois is a 45 minute drive away, it is one of the best restaurants in all of France.