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Ask Our Customers About Tuscany Apartment in a Castle Hamlet Close to Florence

Machiavelli - Castello

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Questions and Answers From Our Clients

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Q: Is the kitchen in this apartment adequate to cook a nice dinner?
Q: Does this apartment have a refridgerator?
Q: Any advice on where to buy food/provisions for our stay in Il Castello? Any other advice such as good local restaurants and suggestions for making our week's stay at this location as productive/pleasant as possible. Thanks.
Q: interesting i have asked a question and it has not been answered/ here it goes............. is there a shower
Q: how many apartments are in this castle? how many people share the pool? how crowded, noisy was your stay?
Q: Is the bed equipped with linens? How many towels are placed in the room and do you reccomend taking extras?
Q: Does the property manager speak english?