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Ask Our Customers About Tuscany Villa near Siena with Private Pool

Villa Del Cielo with Caminetto

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Questions and Answers From Our Clients

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Q: Since two couples have done all the planning, etc. we would like to know what two bedrooms would be considered best according to former visitors to Villa Del Cielo et Caminneta... we need to bring our own coffee maker?
Q: 1. If you stayed in October, what did you pay for utilities. Any other charges?. Must this be paid in cash? 2. How many keys were supplied?. 3. Any trouble getting the security deposit back. Was it given back to you in Cash?
Q: Are there enough pool chairs/lounges for a group of ten to use around the pool?
Q: Is there anything specifically you would recommend we bring with us? For instance, how many adapters? Hair dryers? Sundries such as toilet paper, etc.? Laundry detergent? anything else!!! I want this trip to be perfect!
Q: approximately how much per person for dinner at the two restaurants in the nearby town mentioned?
Q: We are staying in august - rough idea of electricity/cleaning costs for the week in summer would be helpful.
Q: I have not been able to get a definitive answer about the bedroom configurations. Are there some rooms with twin beds, some with queen. Please be specific about the layout of the property. Thanks!
Q: Is the pool heated and pleasant to swim in in August? Also, is there maid service provided and is there any place nice you can walk to from the villa? Thank you
Q: We have booked the Villa from Nov. 3 - 17th for 12 people (6 couples). Does anyone have a recommendation for car hire? We understand that parking at the villa is difficult - would we be better with 2 cars and would appreciate a car hire company suggestion. Thanks
Q: Only 4 of the 7 bedrooms have air conditioning. Do the 2 bedrooms on the ground floor of the chapel stay warm at night or do the ceiling fans cool them down enough for comfortable sleeping, even if the temperatures are in the 90's during the day?
Q: Car rental places in Sienna are usually open until 1PM on Saturdays. I was planning on coming in on the train to Sienna Any ideas on car rental or another way to get to villa on a Saturday. Possibly Florence? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Q: Does this property have wireless internet?
Q: Does this property have high speed internet? Can we catch train in siena?