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Venice City

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Inspired by the Greek and Arab cities of the early Middle Ages, Venice is built on 118 islands. It is a bewitching maze of alleys, bridges, canals, and piazze. Long a cultural center, the Venetian school bred high renaissance masters such as Titian and Tintoretto; the city's art collection is rivaled only by that of Florence. Piazza San Marco is perhaps one of the finest medieval squares in Europe. The dialect of Venice is without comparison and is virtually undecipherable to the uninitiated: for example, rio' means "canal", while rio' terra means "filled-in canal". Spring's renowned Carnevale is celebrated in distinctive masquerade and commemorated with theatrical spectacles. The Biennale, the world's most famous contemporary art show, draws an urbane, international crowd to Venice every other year.

Dorsoduro  -  [ Matches:  8 Villas and Houses For Rent]

One of the few islands built on solid ground, Dorsuduro is home to a lively mix of students, tourists, and locals. The Ca' Rezzonica and the Scuola Grande dei Carmini are two famous museums in the neighborhood. Built in 1649, Ca' Rezzonica was sold to poet Robert Browning and his son in 1888 by the Rezzonica family. Today it is owned by the Venice Municipality and is considered one of the most important museums of Venice. The Scuola Grande dei Carmini displays nine ceiling panels by Tiepolo. To sample the local cuisine while staying in a Venice apartment in Dorsoduro, take a walk over the Ponte dei Pugni and purchase some mouth watering treats from the produce barge on the Rio San Barnaba.

Cannaregio  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

The Cannaregio district is the city's most northern section. Here you'll find alleyways filled with shops and artists' studios. Cannaregio is historically known as the ghetto, or foundry, as the word is translated from Italian. Originally it was the Jewish section of town, and eventually it became a Jewish ghetto. Today it still maintains its tradition of Jewish roots with a bakery, kosher butcher, library, and a small museum. While staying in one of our Venice rentals, in Cannaregio, other interesting sights include Madonna dell' Orto Church, Gesuiti Church, and Ca d' Oro. Madonna dell' Orto is known for its Tintoretto paintings as well as a statue of The Virgin Mary, which is said to have miraculous powers. Gesuiti, as it is referred to in Venice, is the first monastery of the Jesuits established in this region. Its facade is covered in green and white limestone. Ca' d' Oro, or Pallazzo Labia, faces the Grand Canale and is known for its spectacular façade which is adorned with gold leaf, vermillion, and ultramarine. Within you can find paintings and carvings by greats such as Titian, Bellini, and Lombardo.

Castello  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Inhabited by working Venetians, Castello is not a typical destination on the average tourist's itinerary. This is indeed a pity, as Castello has a colorful history and is home to some of the city's greatest sights. Some of the most exclusive hotels are located on this neighborhood's Riva degli Schiavoni, which spans from the Palazzo Ducale, home to the doges and seat of the government, to the Arsenale. There's also the famous Santa Maria della Pieta church, where concerts are held nightly. The so-called “Vivaldi church” owes its fame to the great composer's entourage of teenage courtesans. Educated in music, language, art, and indiscretions, Vivaldi's “pupils” became some of the most powerful women in Venice. Enjoying a Venice apartment here offers Castello's other points of interest including San Zaccaria (for its “Madonna with Saints and Angel Musician” by Bellini), the Scuola di San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, and the Nautical Museum, which is great for kids.
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