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A region of dramatic coastal cliffs and bays, this region is home to France's largest port town, Marseille. Like most cities, Marseille has its share of problems, including a long reputation for being both dirty and crime-ridden. In reality, however, Marseille is in the midst of a renaissance and supports a thriving artistic and intellectual community. New restaurants have cropped up and once decrepit neighborhoods have become newly chic. Exuding a decidedly down-to-earth vibe, Marseille is cosmopolitan all the same. Nestled in the inland countryside, Aix-en-Provence is a large, beautiful university town that offers some of the best Provencal cuisine. Next to Marseille, it is central Provence's most important city. In distinct contrast to Marseille, Aix is chic and impeccably attractive. The city's weekly open-air markets should rank high on your to-do list while enjoying a Provence villa rental! Plan on arriving in the early morning and shopping for your evening meal. Don't miss an opportunity to have lunch in one of many excellent restaurants.

Les Alpilles  -  [ Matches:  36 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Les Alpilles, otherwise knows as the "Chaine des Alpilles," is a small range of mountains extending from the Luberon range into Provence, about 20 km south of Avignon and running between the Rhone and Durance rivers. The landscape around these holiday accommodations in Provence are filled with limestone peaks and slopes planted with olive and almond trees. The area was immortalized by Vincent van Gogh, who painted many landscapes of the Alpilles during his time in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, where you can also rent a villa with a pool, on the north side of the mountains. Saint-Remy is also the birthplace of Nostradamus and the location of the Roman city Glanum, ruins of which you can still explore today. There are many picturesque villages where we also have Provence villa rentals, such as Maillane and Fontvieille (where Alphonse Daudet wrote his "Lettres de Mon Moulin"), most of which are built primarily with stone quarried nearby. Eyguieres, a typical medieval-era town, is characterized by a profusion of fountains and narrow, winding streets. You can also visit the archeological center, take a tour to the peak of the Alpilles, and view ruins of several interesting chateaux. Arles, south of Saint-Remy-de-Provence and a short trip from many of our villas for rent, is also an amazing town dating back to Roman times; today you can see many ruins, including an arena and a theatre, or catch one of the local festivals featuring residents in traditional dress. The final must-see of the area is Les Baux de Provence, situated on a 245 m rocky plateau in the heart of the Alpilles. This beautiful village, which is host to 22 official historic sites along with some of our Provence holiday accommodations, has been painstakingly restored so that it now resembles a living museum. Going even further to preserve the natural flavor, the village can only be visited on foot.