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The Cyclades include the islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Siros, and Paros. Here you'll want to throw your diet to the wind and eat with abandon: The cuisine of the islands highlights fresh ingredients straight from the land and sea. Cycladic architecture is clean and individual; the islands' signature whitewashed stucco can be almost blinding in the brilliant sunshine and offers stunning contrast to the blue skies and even bluer water. You'll also see windmills, waterfront mansions, and lush orchards. The beaches and the nightlife, however, are by far the islands' most notorious assets. Indulge in pleasures such as sunsets on the water, endless dinners, music, and dancing into the wee hours.

Santorini  -  [ Matches:  8 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Santorini, a volcanic island, offers spectacular nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine, and the black sand beaches of Kamari and Perissa. The cuisine highlights local produce like cherry tomatoes, yellow peas, white eggplant, figs, and pistachios. While enjoying one of our Greek villas on Santorini, try the tomoteftides, fried balls made from bread, onions, salt, and pepper. Libations include tsikoudia and over sixty local white wines. Take in the views of the caldera, the island's ancient crater, from the terrace of one of many restaurants in Fira, the capital, or Imerovigli, a nearby village. Until the wee hours of the morning, you can drink in chic bars and groove to anything from mellow jazz to house music.

Mykonos  -  [ Matches:  5 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Images of Mykonos adorn postcards all over Greece. It is, without a doubt, the quintessential Greek island, with its charming windmills and boxy, whitewashed dwellings. Not surprisingly, this picture perfect spot is literally hopping all summer long. If you're brave enough to travel to Mykonos in high season, then prepare for high temperatures, crowds, and inflated rates. If you travel in low season, you can expect to have treasures such as the Archeological Museum, Little Venice, or the mythical Tria Pigadhia fountain essentially to yourself. The sun, sand, and sea are also all the more enjoyable before June or after August. You'll find fewer bodies on the beach, and, with mild temperatures all year, you can comfortably swim and windsurf well into late fall. The cuisine, like that of most of the islands, features grilled fish, lamb, and vegetables. Specialties of Mykonos include white eggplant, louza, a sliced meat, onion pies, and kopanisti, a soft, salty cheese.

Koufonisia  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Paros  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]