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Lake Como  -  55  properties

Menaggio  - 18
Bellagio  - 7
Varenna  - 7
Laglio  - 3
Tremezzo  - 3
Argegno  - 2
Brienno  - 2
Cernobbio  - 2
Vassena  - 2
Annone di Brianza  - 1
Colico  - 1
Como  - 1
Lenno  - 1
Moltrasio  - 1
Ossuccio  - 1
Rezzonico  - 1
San Siro  - 1

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Lake Como

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Nestled at the base of the Alps, Lake Como is an ideal destination for both relaxation and active pursuits. The surrounding hills offer good hiking and there are frequent ferries that tour the picturesque shoreline. The town of Como is elegant and charming. Here, the Villa Carlotta, an 18th century summer house, and the 14th century duomo should rate high on your intinerary. Popular resorts on Lake Como include Menaggio, Cernobbio, Bellaggio, Onno, Varenna, and Colico. Thanks to easy, enjoyable ferry access, the resorts make excellent day trips from our luxury Italian villas in the region. If you are searching for an italy villa or an italy apartment for your family vacation, or a villa with swimming pool for your romantic honeymoon, view our Italy villas in Como.

Menaggio  -  [ Matches:  18 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Located on Lake Como’s western shore, picturesque Menaggio is famous for its elegant waterfront promenade. Its historic center is home to artisan shops selling shoes, clothing and homewares; don’t miss the castello, remains of the perimeter walls that encircled the town in the middle ages. Piazza Garibaldi is the village hub and is the perfect spot for a coffee or an ice cream before strolling the shore. Convenient ferry connections to Bellagio and Varenna make Menaggio great home base for exploration.  

Don’t Miss:

  • A boat trip to the uninhabited island of Comacina, where there are archaeological remains. Visit the small museum in Ossuccio before you head to the island!
  • A passeggiata along Via Calvi, the town’s fashionable shopping zone, followed by a visit to the church of S. Marta.
  • A hike or mountain bike ride in Val Sanagra Park, an environmentally protected zone.
  • Villa Mylius Vigoni—this beautiful villa and gardens can be toured only on Thursday afternoons.

Bellagio  -  [ Matches:  7 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Situated on a hilly promontory in the middle of Lake Como’s two southernmost branches, Bellagio enjoys peerless views. This tiny, pretty village (often called The Pearl of Lake Como) can easily be explored in an afternoon, but you’ll need good walking shoes to navigate the narrow, cobbled alleys and many stone steps. Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, with its artisan shops and perfumiers, is a must for shopping. Piazza della Chiesa is the central square—take time to linger here for a coffee or an ice cream with the locals!

Don’t Miss:

  • A visit to the gardens at Villa Serbelloni, a 15th century luxury hotel with 50 acres of park, including exotic plants. The views are fantastic.
  • A visit to Villa Melzi, built in 1808. Azaleas and rhododendrons, oh my!
  • The Museum of Navigational Instruments—a must-see for anyone with a nautical bent. Located in the hamlet of San Giovanni.
  • Risotto with fillet of perch—the lake’s most traditional dish.

Varenna  -  [ Matches:  7 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, Varenna enjoys a gorgeous view over one of Lake Como’s most picturesque zones, with Bellagio and Menaggio in the distance. It’s a prime location for exploring the famous Golden Triangle formed by Bellagio, Menaggio, and Tremezzo. Unlike some of its more famous neighbors, Varenna is relaxed, quiet and laid back. It has a charming medieval center with steep, cobblestone streets; walking shoes are a must. Piazza San Giorgio is the town’s hub.

Don’t Miss:

  • A stroll on the Passeggiata degli Innamorati (Lover’s Walk), a pathway that leads from the main port to the historic center.
  • Castello di Vezio, an imposing medieval ruin situated above the main piazza. Built in part by the Romans and later by the Lombards, the castle offers a lovely view and houses a permanent exhibition on lariosaurus, an extinct sea reptile.
  • Villa Cipressi—a 16th century villa (and luxury hotel) with a terraced botanical garden that descends toward the lake. The gardens are open to the public.
  • Villa Monastero, originally a monastery and later a patrician residence, this international conference center is open to the public March to November. The botanical gardens are home to many rare plant species.

Laglio  -  [ Matches:  3 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Tiny, peaceful Laglio is situated on Lake Como’s western shore, about 15 km from Como. Vineyards and olive groves blanket the foothills of Mount Colmegnone that slope down towards the hamlet, which is home to only 900 residents. Once anonymous, Laglio skyrocketed to international fame in 2002 when actor George Clooney (now an honorary citizen of Laglio) purchased the historic Villa Oleandra, formerly owned by the Heinz family.

Don’t Miss:

  • Bear Hole, in the nearby hamlet of Torriggia on Mount Colmegnone. This cave has three underground lakes! Visits are by reservation with the local commune.
  • The Pyramid of Frank—an interesting and peculiar 19th century funerary monument commissioned by an Austrian physician.
  • The 11th century Chiesa di Sant’Agata. The frescoes are a must-see.

Tremezzo  -  [ Matches:  3 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Located on Como’s western shore, Tremezzo is one of four hamlets that form the comune (municipality) of Tremezzina. Its home to one of Lake Como’s most famous patrician villas, Villa Carlotta, which has beautiful terraced gardens and a fine art collection. The lungolago (lakefront) is lined with luxurious hotels and offers a nice view of neighboring Bellagio. Like many towns on Lake Como, Tremezzo has two distinct zones, the lakefront and the mountain foothills. Mount Crocione rises behind the village, making Tremezzina a perfect destination for hikers and nature lovers.

Don’t Miss:

  • A walk to Villa Balbianello (1 km), in the hamlet of Lenno. Open to the public mid-march to mid-November, this extraordinary villa has been featured in several movies, including Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones!
  • The Greenway del Lago, a 10 km walk (mostly flat) that starts in Colonno and ends in Cadenabbia. The walk winds through several towns and passes numerous villas, gardens, and points of historic interest.
  • Villa Carlotta—devote a whole afternoon to exploring the gardens and the art collection.
  • Festival of San Giovanni, the third weekend in June. Music, fireworks, and a procession to Comacina Island make this Lake Como’s most famous event.

Argegno  -  [ Matches:  2 Villas and Houses For Rent]

One of two tiny sister villages divided by the Telo River, Argegno is located on an inlet between Menaggio and Cernobbio and about 15 km north of Como. While Argegno is on the lakefront, Pigra is in the alpine foothills; the two are connected by a gondola. Narrow, cobbled alleyways lead off the village’s central square, Piazza Roma. There’s a small marina and charming water front cafés. Life is slow-paced here and you won’t find the hustle and bustle of the mid-lake towns. Still, thanks to semi-regular bus and boat service, day trips are possible. Chances are, though, you won’t want to leave Argegno!

Don’t Miss:

  • Lunch or dinner at one of Argegno’s many upscale waterside eateries;  enjoy haute-cuisine and a spectacular view of the lake.
  • Gelato at Gelato di Zoe, a kiosk on Piazza Roma. Best gelato on Lake Como, hands down.
  • A scenic ride on the Argegno-Pigra gondola, which connects the two villages in just 5 minutes. Stop in Pigra for a coffee and take in the view before exploring the historic center.
  • Monte Sighiola, on the Swiss-Italian border and the Balcone d’Italia, a panoramic viewpoint overlooking Lake Lugano.

Brienno  -  [ Matches:  2 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Cernobbio  -  [ Matches:  2 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Situated 2 km northwest of the city of Como, Cernobbio is a beautiful resort town and home to some of the lake’s most famous patrician villas, Villa d’Este and Villa Erba. Como, Argegno and Bellagio are connected by regular boat service. Explore on foot to take in the town’s historic center and charming lake front, and then hop on a boat to admire the villas that line the shore. The lively open air market on Wednesday mornings is a fun event!

Don’t Miss:

  • Piazza Risorgimento—the lake front promenade beloved by locals. Best view of Lake Como!
  • A hike on Via dei Monti Lariani, a 100 km mountain trail that connects Cernobbio and Sorico. At the summit of Monte Bisbino is the 17th century sanctuary Beata Vergine del Bisbino.
  • A stroll on the romantic Chilometro della Conoscenza (Kilometer of Knowledge), a pedestrian path that starts at 17th century Villa Olmo and ends at Villa Sucota. It winds by gardens, stately villas, greenhouses, and important monuments.
  • Giardino della Valle, a secret garden oasis with benches, bridges and beautiful flora.

Vassena  -  [ Matches:  2 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Annone di Brianza  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Located 14 km from Lake Como on lovely Lake Annone, Annone di Brianza is a comune (municipality) in the province of Lecco. The lake, surrounded by a pedestrian and bike path (15 km), is divided into two distinct parts (Annone and Oggiono) by a tongue of land called the Isella Peninsula. The towns of Annone and Oggiono are small and charming. In general this area of Lombardy is perfect for nature lovers and those who seek peace and quiet away from the tourist throngs. A vacation zone long favored by in-the-know Italians, you’ll be certain to live like a local!

Don’t Miss:

  • A walk or bike ride around the lake; stop for a picnic or lunch at the one the many waterfront restaurants. Feeling adventurous? Head off the path onto the vast network of well-signed hiking trails.
  • Mount Cornizzolo and Mount Barro; these craggy peaks rise above the lake and offer a fantastic view of Lake Annone and the surrounding countryside.
  • Chiesa di San Giorgio, a small, medieval church on a hilltop above the lake. You can enter to view the beautiful frescoes on the first Sunday of every month.
  • Kayaking or canoeing on the lake; no motorized vessels are allowed, making it peaceful and family-friendly! Rentals are available at various aquatic centers.
Our Most Popular Villas In Annone di Brianza

Colico  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Como  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Our Most Popular Villas In Como

Lenno  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Moltrasio  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Located on Lake Como’s western shore, Moltrasio is a lovely, small village off the beaten track. Regular boat service to buzzier Bellagio and Tremezzo makes day trips a snap. With just a handful of shops and restaurants, this location truly offers an authentic taste of local life. Hikers and mountain bikers will find an extensive trail network on nearby Monte Bisbino. Moltrasio also has its fair share of patrician villas, most notably Villa Salterio (former home of composer Vincenzo Bellini) and Villa Le Fontantelle (former home of fashion designer Gianni Versace).

Don’t Miss:

  • Villa Passalacqua and its terraced gardens. Guests included Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill. The views of the lake are spectacular!
  • Micromercato Moltrasio—a fabulous family-owned grocer specializing in local fresh produce and artisan goods. Everything you need under one roof!
  • Missoltini, a local delicacy consisting of salted, air-dried lake fish.
Our Most Popular Villas In Moltrasio

Ossuccio  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Our Most Popular Villas In Ossuccio

Rezzonico  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

San Siro  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

A cluster of villages on the shores and hills of northwestern Lake Como, San Siro is the perfect spot to enjoy both the lake and the abundant hiking trails in the area. This is a residential zone first and a vacation destination second, giving San Siro an authentic and unpretentious air. The villages have a nice selection of shops and a handful of bars and restaurants. Neighboring Menaggio (20 minutes north by car) is a ferry hub, with regular service to Varenna and Bellagio.

Don’t Miss:

  • The 14th century church of Santa Maria Assunta—beautiful frescoes!
  • Castello di Rezzonico, a 13th century castle located in the small hamlet of the same name. Although not open to the public, the view is spectacular!
  • A walk from San Siro up to Carcente, a semi-deserted hamlet that offers a fantastic view of the lake.
  • A walk on the ancient Via Regina, originally the “pilgrim’s path”; there are routes to Menaggio and Rezzonico. Note: You can catch the bus back to San Siro!