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Mild and sunny all year long, the island of Sicily has a long and complex history of invasion and conquer. Pre-unification, it was alternately under Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Aragonese, Austrian, and Spanish rule. It's precisely this colorful past that makes Sicily so fascinating: the Greek temples of Agrigento and Selinunte are some of the best preserved in the world. The Sicilian cuisine remains heavily influenced by Arab culinary traditions. The ideal destination for sun worshipers and archaeology buffs alike, Sicily offers clear, blue water, incredible ruins, and a taste of Italy that is perhaps warmer, friendlier, and spicier than what you find in the north. Taormina, Cefalu', and Piazza Armerina are some of the island's best spots. Gelato lovers take note: The ice cream in Sicily is widely regarded as the best in Italy.

Messina  -  [ Matches:  13 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Occupying Sicily's northeastern tip, Messina has suffered both earthquakes and bombings through the centuries. Many of its original buildings are no longer standing, but you can view rescued relics in the Museo Regionale. South of Messina lies Taormina, a delightful seaside town with cosmopolitan flair. Here you'll find some of the island's best beaches and clearest water, including Mazzaro'. Tindari, where you can visit ruins of Sicily's most recent Greek city, is located east of Messina on the north coast. Venturing towards the interior from our private villas rentals in Messina you'll find mountain ranges and plains.

Ragusa  -  [ Matches:  5 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Siracuse  -  [ Matches:  4 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Trapani  -  [ Matches:  2 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Catania  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

The area around Catania is rich with things to see and do. Although not particularly beautiful on the whole, the city itself does have some interesting historic architecture. Its Norman duomo, Teatro Romano, and Santo Carcere church are worth a visit. Catania is most convenient, though, as a point of departure for Mount Etna, by far this area's most spectacular attraction. Although the volcano is still active, you can view it in comfort via the Circumetnea railroad, which runs around the base. Further north is Taormina, Sicily's most picturesque town. Inland destinations west of our private villas in Catania include Piazza Armerina and Enna. To the south lies Siracusa, once a powerful Greek city second only to Athens. Here, don't miss the island of Ortygia or the Neapolis Parco Archeologico.
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Palermo  -  [ Matches:  1 Villas and Houses For Rent]

Palermo, a busy and vibrant metropolis, is the main city in this area. It is important to know while staying in a Palermo villa that driving and parking in the city can be an unbelievable headache, especially in the summer when temperatures, and tempers, soar. To this end, the areas around Bagheria, Cefalu', and Monreale are all ideal bases for your exploration of the area. You can enjoy the peaceful pace of village life in such charming coastal towns as Cefalu', and yet easily catch a train or bus into Palermo for sightseeing. The cattedrale, the Museo Archeologico Regionale, and the Palazzo Reale rank high on our list of must-see sights in Palermo.
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