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Featured Properties

We have hundreds of wonderful properties. Half the fun of the selection process lies in prospecting for something truly unique. There are, however, some properties that merit special mention. We've collected several of our favorites in categories that we think you'll enjoy.

  • Croatian Villas Collection - 14 properties

  • Under the Tuscan Sun - 41 properties

    You've dreamt of the rolling Tuscan hills; glasses of ruby-red Classico; villas framed with the orange glow of the setting sun; medieval hill towns outlined on the horizon... So come experience Italian life at its best, under the Tuscan sun.

  • Let's Walk to Town - 60 properties

    Need groceries? Want your morning cappuccino? Don't pile into the car every time you want to grab a snack. Enjoy the local culture from these holiday rentals near towns-- close enough to walk in for your morning café.

  • Near the Water - 47 properties

    Sandy or rocky? Sea green or cerulean blue? Decide on your favorite, then check out these properties less than 1.5km from the water. Whether you like to sunbathe or swim, you'll be able to do it to your hearts' content. Every. Single. Day.

  • Family-Friendly - 28 properties

    Traveling with parents or kids? Want to make sure you never hear that dreaded sentence: "I'm bored...?" You'll please everyone when you rent one of these family-friendly villas and apartments, perfect for groups both small and large.

  • Romantic Retreats - 3 properties

    Treat your significant other to a cozy hideaway, a breathtaking view, or a journey back in time with one of these romantic retreats for two. Perfect for that first, second, or umpteenth honeymoon!

  • Living in Luxury - 92 properties

    So. You want the best, do you? The authentic villa experience... without the hassle of preparing your own meals or making your bed? Leave your troubles at home and journey to one of these luxury villas, the absolute crème de la crème of our collection.

  • All-Time Favorites - 24 properties

    Don't settle for uncertainty! Year after year, clients heap praise upon these award-winning villas, farmhouses, and apartments. Come read their rave reviews and find out what all the fuss is about!

  • Short Breaks - 50 properties

    Don't have a week to spend in one place? Most of our properties rent Sat-to-Sat, but here's a selection of delectable villas willing to put you up for a minimum of three or four days!

  • Historic Castles, Chateaux & Villas - 13 properties

    You've come to Europe to see history embodied in architecture and art, so why stay in a property without character? Treat yourself to the full experience with a castle, chateau, or villa rental that that will whisk you back to a richer, nobler time.

  • Wedding Villas in Tuscany and Amalfi Coast - 16 properties

    This is one of the most important moments in your life, so the setting must be perfect. Search for your hearts' desire among these wedding villas in Tuscany with chapels, catering, flowers, and more.

  • Vacation Rentals with A/C and/or Screens - 39 properties

    There aren't any bugs in Europe! Right? Wrong! Avoid itchy insects and baking in your bedroom with these villa rentals. This selection features properties with full or partial air conditioning and/or window screens.

  • Arrive, Eat and Relax - 9 properties

    Stocked with enough food to get you through the weekend, these properties allow you to show up, drop your bags, and settle in. No searching for food after your long flight... No worrying about Sunday store closures!

  • Island Villa Escapes - 6 properties

    Does your recipe for bliss include clear blue water and sunshine? Reluctanct to brave the "Mediterranean masses?" Find a secluded haven among our collection of unique island villas - also well located for sightseeing when you want it, of course.

  • Flexible Stays - 23 properties

    Don't want to arrive on Saturday? Most of our properties rent Sat-to-Sat, but here's a selection of delectable villas willing to put you up for flexible check-in and check-out dates!

  • Unique Villas "Off the Beaten Path" - 21 properties

    Over the years we’ve recommended unique villas in unexpected locations to family & friends. Why? They’ve expressed a desire for a distinctive, off-the-beaten-path travel experience, rather than to see a specific area. These unique selections book quickly!