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Latina Vacation Rentals South of Rome

The coastal province of Latina was once largely swampland, transformed in the 1920's by Mussolini. The primary example of this is the city of Latina, from which the province takes its name.   Continue >

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    Displaying 1 to 0 of 0 villas

      However, in spite of its humble beginnings, today Latina is an area of beautiful coastland with many popular seaside resorts. The capital city itself is a center of tourism and art surrounded by natural beauty. Rowers train and hold regattas on the Lago di Paola. In nearby Sabaudia you will find the Selva del Circeo Forest, a strand of impressive coastal dunes rich in vegetation and wonderful views. Just south, San Felice Circeo is home to a series of 43 caves and numerous natural towers, which according to legend is the home of the sorceress Circe, who transformed Odysseus' men into swine. In fact, this entire coastal region is the mythical setting of the Odyssey! Accordingly, local legends and stories abound. Terracina and Gaeta are both lovely seaside resort cities with canals, while the Island of Ponza has become a very popular resort area. Ventotene Island is small enough to be visited on foot, providing landscapes both above and—most notably—below water. Snorkeling and diving here are fantastic, as the shore drops quickly to a depth of 50 meters. You'll find a wealth of sea life, from octopi and eels to coral and fish. Another well-known coastal city, Sperlonga, has both historic and military importance; it began as a fishing village, but because of its location was often attacked from the sea. This was where Emperor Tiberius built his holiday residence, and there is also a grotto named after him where many archeological treasures have been found. These items are stored nearby at the National Archeological Museum. In Itri you can even find an 11-13th century medieval castle. Specialties of the region include fish, lamb, homemade bread, mozzarella cheese, eggplant, oranges, grapes, and honey; regional wines are Falerno, Cecubo, and Cesanese..