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Montopoli in Val d'Arno

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Fattoria Capponi - Soprani

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Customer Reviews

We had a wonderful time and the staff is fantastic.
Enjoyed Most:
The location.
Surrounding Area:
Many things to see.
Nearby Events or Locales:
There was no town in walking distance. However, ALL the locals come to the estate for their daily walk with pets and children.
Tips or Restaurants:
We did bring a scrubbing sponge, which we used often.
There is a gate at the entrance. We phoned the contact person and they remotely opened the gate. Once you are checked in, they give you a clicker to open the gate.

Sharon, March

A 10! Upon arrival you go through these huge gates and drive down a pine tree flanked road up to the main building/reception. The farm house for 4 would be next to a larger building, and you have your own pool, washer dryer, full kitchen and incredible view of Tuscan hills with towns in the distance.
Enjoyed Most:
The farm house. The reception building and the main building were so impressive that I had to temper expectations regarding the farm house to my party. We drove up the hill behind Francesca to our place, and the house was as impressive! All of us were blown away, and I'm FROM Europe. (the rest of the party was American). There was a free bottle of olive oil in the kitchen for us to enjoy. Another couple had a free bottle of wine instead of olive oil.
Enjoyed Least:
I'd love to give constructive criticism but I cannot imagine what they could have done to make it better. If anything, you may want to put more pictures on your site for I had some questions prior to picking this property (Both bedrooms have their own bathroom, washer and dryer are below the property (2 washers, 1 dryer).
Surrounding Area:
Went on a jog around the property, which was nice (2.2 miles). The highway is right next to the property, so 20 minutes east there is a split road that will bring you to Siena and every other town.
Nearby Events or Locales:
Capanne, yes you could walk it.
Tips or Restaurants:
European washers and dryers are smaller, and will take a couple of hours to finish one load. So bring your detergent and patience. If you drive 3 miles north of the property (from the main roundabout) you'll find the COOP, their grocery store where you can buy everything. We also drove to Capanne (1 mile) to find a pizza place, after asking in a local cafeteria they pointed us a couple of blocks over where there was a pizza sign hanging outside the window. There you can buy your pizza, take it home, and meet all the locals. This town is quite small so you cannot miss it, great pizza.
We did not use a GPS, there is a sign from the highway that reads Montopoli Val d'Arno and you can only go 1 way. Your directions were great.
Check In Out:
We felt welcome immediately, and called 2 hours ahead of arrival to let Francesca know we were coming. After we enjoyed the wine tasting, Francesca gave us back our cash deposit, even though we did not check out till the next day.

Dennie, June

Great! This is a gorgeous property on a magnificent estate with manicured grounds, a beautiful vineyard, swimming pool, and an interesting history. It was what one dreams of when thinking of visiting Tuscany.
Enjoyed Most:
The beautiful setting, the privacy, the comfort and convenience of this tastefully restored farm house. The convenience to autostrada for touring the area.
Enjoyed Least:
The walls in the upstairs bedrooms were extremely thin. Every sound was heard in between both bedrooms.
Surrounding Area:
The visits to Pisa, Lucca, Florence, and Volterra were all reasonable distances and worth the mileage and time!
Tips or Restaurants:
We enjoyed breakfast and dinner in our lovely Tuscan home. Each day we ate our main meal at midday in a nice restaurant in the town we were visiting. We managed to get back to the house before it got dark and it was a total pleasure!
Check In Out:
Once we got into the property following some confusion with the directions, check in, stay, and check out went very well.

Simmy, October