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Located in the Campania region of Italy, our Amalfi Coast villas offer an exquisite coastal landscape as well as the ability to travel inland and indulge in the rich history of the surrounding areas.

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Villas on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is situated on the Sorrento peninsula between Sorrento and Salerno and is saturated with picturesque towns and villages that sit atop the stunning steep, rocky coastline above the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by shops, restaurants, boutiques, bars and more, our Amalfi Coast villas stretch down one of the most beautiful coastlines in all of Europe.

Our villas on the Amalfi Coast are enclosed by breathtaking scenery that is right at your fingertips. The winding, narrow roads that run up and down the coastline offer a great way to tour the landscape. Courtyards and alleys provide a different approach and allow you to tour the mountainous region by foot.

Accommodate yourself in a place as unique as your surroundings. Our luxury Amalfi Coast villas give you an authentic European experience on one of the most beautiful and romantic coastlines in the world.

Surround Yourself in Amalfi Coast History

Legend has it that Hercules was in love with a woman named Amalfi, and when she died he buried her in the most beautiful place in the world. This coastline was that place and it was named in her honor.

Amalfi, which was originally Roman, was the first Sea Republic of Italy. It was also the first city to re-establish relationships with East and West after the fall of the Roman Empire. It accomplished this by introducing exotic merchandise into Italy, such as carpets, coffee and paper. The coast itself has an abundance of history that you can experience by renting one of our Amalfi coast villas.

If you wish to travel inland, you can experience the antiquity of ancient Roman ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii at the base of Vesuvius. If you travel a bit south, you will see the Greek temples of Paestum. Our villas on the Amalfi Coast offer both the distinguishing history of the native seaboard as well as the legendary past of the surrounding area. It is a region full of history, and when you stay in one of our Amalfi Coast villas, you will become a part of that history.

Discover the Cuisine of The Amalfi Coast

A compliment to one of the most spectacular coastlines in all of Italy is the wonderful selection of restaurants it includes. When you stay in one of our Amalfi Coast villas, you will experience the famous authentic cuisine of the area as well as all the fresh local ingredients.

The excellent eateries highlight all types of seafood and pasta as well as locally grown produce, such as lemons, peppers and tomatoes. While you enjoy an Amalfi Coast vacation rental, you will have these exquisite eateries at your fingertips. You can find everything from casual bistros to fine dining restaurants, each with its own unique food and atmosphere.

If you choose to visit the coastal town of Positano, you will always be able to find their wonderful insalata caprese, a delicious salad of sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and olive oil. Campania has another famous specialty, called Limoncello. It is a delicate, lemon-infused digestivo that can be served as either an after dinner drink or a fabulous dessert. You can also try the "pesce azzuro," a red meat fish with exquisite taste. These are only a few of the many delicacies you will enjoy when you take the vacation of a lifetime in one of our Amalfi Coast villas.

Experience Renting Amalfi Coast Villas

When you choose one of our Amalfi Coast rental villas, you are choosing service from a team dedicated to being the most experienced, most innovative, and most customer-focused company in the industry.

When the founder of Rentvillas.com, Suzanne Pidduck, started the company, she wanted to make renting Amalfi Coast villas a much less daunting task for travelers. In the early 1980's, few people even knew that renting villas on the Amalfi Coast was an option. Suzanne did, however, and in 1984 she rented her first Italian vacation villa. Her experience was so enjoyable that she decided to meet with an Italian property management team before she left. Rentals in Italy, which later became Rentvillas.com, was born.

With people returning home and sharing stories after staying in one of our rental properties, Rentvillas.com quickly grew from a small, part-time operation into a full-scale business enterprise. We now have a huge international team of experienced, multilingual people dedicated to ensuring your stay in our rental properties is comfortable, convenient and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Renting Amalfi Coast Villas Securely

If you decide to rent one of our Amalfi Coast villas, you can be assured the information provided will be safe and secure. At Rentvillas.com, we are committed to protecting your security and privacy. That is why we have secure server software which encrypts all the information you enter before it is sent to us protecting your data against unauthorized access.

If you need assistance in choosing an Amalfi Coast vacation rental, we will ask for your name, email address, phone number, mailing address and fax number. This information will allow us to contact you about availability of our Amalfi coast villas as well as send you a monthly newsletter which has announcements about new rental villas on the Amalfi Coast and related services. This is optional. You can unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time if you desire.

Rentvillas.com meets the industry standard for secure online transactions. When you rent an Amalfi Coast vacation rental, you can access a secure page by clicking on the VeriSign Authentic Site Seal. This Site Seal verifies the channel is secure for e-commerce transactions and ensures that all data exchanged on the server is both encrypted and unaltered. Our dedication to your security and privacy makes renting our Amalfi Coast villas a pleasurable and worry-free experience.

The Experience of Amalfi Coast Villas

With our Amalfi Coast villas, it is all about the experience. We want you to come from afar and become local, even if for only a few days. There is no better way to do this than by living like the locals. When you stay in one of our Amalfi Coast villas, you have the opportunity to escape the customary lodging and lifestyle of a vacation. Take in the rich history that is all around you and enjoy the rare and excellent cuisine that envelops this spectacular coastline. Stay in an Amalfi Coast vacation rental and create an experience that will last a lifetime.