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Choosing an Apartment Rental in Florence

Florence is a beautiful city full of exquisite art and culture. Some are drawn to Florence because of the sunset views, others for the spectacular food and wine. Sightseeing is relatively easy thanks to most every attraction being located in the historic center of the city. While the location of most attractions is convenient, it may be a good idea to establish beforehand what you want to see; it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices.

When in Florence, Make Time for Museums

Interested in museums perhaps? If so, it might be a wonderful idea to reserve an apartment rental in Florence that is situated closest to one or many. You can use our service to locate a rental in Florence that is near the Galleria dell'Accademia, for example, where Michelangelo's David is housed. Florence is home to three of the world's most renowned museums: the Uffizi, L'Accademia, and the Bargello:

Uffizi - is one of the most famous museums of paintings and sculptures in the world. Its collection includes universally acclaimed masterpieces such as works by Giotto, Simone Martini, Piero della Francesca, Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Mantegna, Correggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo and Caravaggio. The Gallery was created by Grand-duke Francesco I and was enriched thanks to the Medici family. The Medici family was great collectors of paintings, sculpture and works of art.

L'Accadamia - housed here are some of the world's greatest masterpieces such as David by Michelangelo, Four Prisoners by Michelangelo, and the 15th and 16th century Florentine artist collection. Michelangelo's David was first exhibited here in 1873. In addition to those exhibits already mentioned, you can also find Giovanni da Milano's Pieta (fourteenth century), Adimari Casson, and the Annunciation by Lorenzo Monaco.

Bargello - this National Museum is located in one of the oldest buildings in Florence. It was originally built to be the headquarters of the Capitano del Popolo, but later became inhabited by Bargello (head of police spies). The Bargello was used as a prison for most of the 18th century. The building also has significant importance because it served as the meeting place of the Council of the Hundred. Dante took part in that meeting. Use as a National Museum did not begin until sometime in the mid-nineteenth century. The Bargello houses masterpieces of the Tuscan Renaissance and some of the finest works of Donatello. Those works include the marble Youthful David, the St. George from its niche in Orsanmichele and David in bronze.

Explore the Many Wonders of Florence

Ancient churches such as Badia Fiorentina are also found in Florentine. You can choose an apartment rental in Florence near the Badia Fiorentina. This church was rebuilt in 1285 and has a bell tower that is unique due to its hexagonal shape which is built on a quadrangular base. The best-known work of art located in this church is the Vision of St. Bernard by Filippino Lippi (circa 1457 - 1504).

If wine is all you thirst for, look for a rental in Florence near the southern hills so you have easier access to the Chianti Classico Region. The Chianti Classico Region is home to wine producing estates featuring Gallo Nero wines. There are also many beautiful vineyards you can walk through and old vineyard cellars you can visit.

Some of us are getting motivated for the day ahead at the same hour others are headed to bed. Florence is known for its after-hours musical offerings and Florentines are proud of what their nightlife has to offer. If dancing happens to be on your list, maybe check out an apartment rental in Florence that is close to BeBop, a popular dance club, or Loonees which is another club that is located in a cavernous underground space.

There are also those of us that want to get away from our hectic lives and just want a place that is nice and peaceful. If relaxation is on your mind, Rentvillas.com offers apartment rentals that can provide that as well. For example, we have an apartment rental in Florence known for its panoramic views over the city and countryside. We have something for everyone.

Florence, Italy Apartment Rental Made Easy

Apartment rental in Florence has been made easy thanks to Rentvillas.com. We have worked hard to locate apartment rentals in just about every section of Florence. We currently offer dozens of properties in Florence City neighborhoods, such as Duomo, Oltrarno, and Santa Croce. Weekly apartment rental in Florence is a wonderful experience because the city opens up to you as if you are one of its own.

Benefits of Short Term Apartment Rental in Florence

Florence apartment rentals are usually quoted at a weekly rate and the prices can range based on features, date, number of people, and exact location. In most instances, there is also a charge for utilities, so you will want to find out what is or is not included in your particular short term apartment rental. The short term apartment rental service we offer should not be confused with timeshares. Rentvillas.com is not a timeshare program. If you choose to book an apartment rental in Florence, it will only be for that particular period of time. You won't be responsible for a lump sum charge and monthly maintenance fees that timeshare companies normally require.

Escape to Florence on a Holiday Getaway

If you are looking for a holiday getaway, look no further. You can book an apartment rental in Florence and pay anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands, depending on what you require. Florence is a wonderful place to spend time on holiday. When you return from a busy day of exploring, and can completely relax in your beautiful, private apartment, chances are you will never want to rent a hotel room again.

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