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The French Riviera

Located in the Provence region of France, with its shores on the Mediterranean Sea, the French Riviera stretches from St.Tropez on the west side to the Italian border on the east side. With spectacular scenery, a warm climate and a one of a kind atmosphere, it is the perfect getaway destination for anyone looking for a lasting experience.

Complimented with a French Riviera Villa

Instead of making your trip as ordinary as the last by staying in a traditional hotel room, become truly authentic by renting a French Riviera villa. Simply because you are a tourist does not mean you have to act like one. A French Riviera villa rental allows you to experience your beautiful surroundings the same way the locals do.

A French Riviera villa rental not only comes equipped with all the same amenities as a hotel room, it comes with many more! On top of the standard amenities you receive when you check into a hotel room, many of our villa rentals may also offer a washing machine, dishwasher, baby bed, air conditioning, swimming pool, private outside area, barbecue and more. A French Riviera villa lets you experience a lot of the ordinary comforts of your home in a place that is anything but ordinary.

Have a large group? That is not a problem at all. You can choose a French Riviera villa rental that will accommodate a number of people. We have luxury villas on the French Riviera that have up to five double bedrooms and three bathrooms. With three floors, a living room, kitchen, and sitting room that includes a fireplace, this French Riviera villa rental has all the space necessary to hold a large group and still remain comfortable.

French Riviera Villa Rentals - Something For Everybody

When you stay in one of our French Riviera holiday villas, you will be surrounded by an endless number of exclusive restaurants with just about any dish you desire, which are always prepared to the highest standard. You will be able to enjoy all of the local favorites, including Daube, a braised beef topped with spices and a red wine. Another specialty of the area is the soupe de poisson, a magnificent all liquid fish soup served with "rouille," a spicy mayonnaise. The possibilities are endless in the French Riviera, so you are just going to have to try as many as you can!

If you like wine, you will have plenty to choose from. Excellent wines are available just about anywhere, and quite cheaply. The rare soil and ambient temperatures of the Riviera make it a perfect harvesting area for the local grapes that go into these delectable wines.

There are also many festivals, concerts, cultural activities and exhibitions you will be able to see and even take part in when you stay in a French Riviera villa rental. The Cannes Film Festival, which is held every May, is one of the area's most exciting events. Anyone who is anyone in international film attends this event. Known for its swanky hotels it always attracts a high society crowd, including royalty and Hollywood celebrities. When it ends, people often stay on to enjoy the Grand Prix de Monaco. Whether you come during this vibrant time of the year, or you would like a more laid back atmosphere, there are always many activities to experience and be a part of.

Do you like sports? Enjoy just about any water sport you can think of along the Mediterranean Sea when you choose a French Riviera villa rental. Maybe you are not a water person. If you stay inland you can enjoy a wide variety of activities including golf, tennis, horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking and rock climbing. You may even want to join in on one of the several sporting tournaments that take place on the Riviera.

The temperate climate you will enjoy while staying in a French Riviera villa rental makes these various activities possible. The area averages about 300 sunny days a year with the hottest months being June, July and August. The weather becomes milder in the following months, but is still quite pleasurable, perfect for those outdoor activities that may be too hot to do in the summer. Temperatures get down into the 40's in the winter, and if you wish to ski, you can find the nearest ski resorts about an hour from the coastline.

By Car, Bus or Foot

Getting around the Riviera is quick, easy and convenient. If you decide to rent a car, you will be able to choose from most of the major rental agencies. If you want to take the bus, they are plentiful and clean. Want some exercise? There are many walking and hiking trails to choose from. Or ride a bike. Whichever form a transportation you use, you will not be far from what you are looking for when you stay in one of our French Riviera holiday villas.

French Riviera Villa Rentals from Rentvillas.com

When Rentvillas.com was started over twenty years ago, it was created with the intent to let people know that French Riviera holiday villas were even available to rent, along with many others, and to make renting those villas less daunting. That is what we strived for over the years, and our experienced, multilingual, international team has worked hard making that goal a reality.

If you are looking for that perfect French Riviera villa to rent. leave everything to our experienced team. You let us know what you want, and we will get it for you. We have everything from small, elegant villas to large, luxury villas on the French Riviera. We also have many other charming villas located all throughout Europe, which you can view at Rentvillas.com.

Whatever your destination, and whoever your group, we have a French Riviera villa to accommodate you. We are dedicated to being the most experienced, most innovative and most customer-based company in the industry. We want to ensure that you have a positive experience all the way through, from booking your French Riviera villa rental to checking out of it.

We are also dedicated to protecting your privacy and security. All the information you provide us is protected with the Verisign Authentic Site Program. Rentvillas.com is a member of this program to guarantee that all channels are secure for e-commerce transactions and all data exchanged over the server is encrypted and/or unaltered.

When you rent a French Riviera villa with Rentvillas.com, you can be assured of two things: an easy and secure process from start to finish, and a one of a kind experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.