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Go to a land where the picturesque scenery and gracious people are as charming and fascinating as anywhere else in the world. This land is called Tuscany. It is a place blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. With rows and rows of green vineyards, sandy, winding roads that lead to castles and farmhouses over a century old, and a saturation of pleasant towns and villages that sit atop rolling hills, it is rare jewel that will be hard to leave behind.

Create an Authentic Experience

When you do go, make sure your trip is truly authentic by staying in a holiday home in Tuscany. Holiday houses in Tuscany are as charming as their surroundings. Some were built centuries ago, but still offer the same comforts and amenities as a modern home. These amenities may include a washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioning, incoming and outgoing telephone, private outside area, a barbecue and more.

Rentvillas.com has hundreds of holiday houses in Tuscany to choose from in a wide variety of locations. Only a couple people going on the trip? Perfect. A holiday home in Tuscany can sleep as little as two people. With one bed, one bath and a kitchen with a stove and refrigerator these holiday homes in Tuscany make a great vacation spot. Do you have a large group? That is not a problem either. You can rent a country holiday home in Tuscany that can accommodate up to 28 people, perfect for a wedding or family reunion. Whatever your reason and whoever your group, Rentvillas.com has a holiday home in Tuscany that is perfect for you.

So Much To Do, So Little Time

When you stay in a holiday home in Tuscany, you will have an assortment of activities at your fingertips. With everything from museums to hiking and natural parks, you will have difficulty squeezing everything you want to do into one visit.

Want to take a tour of Tuscany? Try doing it the slow way: on a bike. You will be able to take either a professionally or self-guided bike tour and experience some of the wonderful hidden secretes of Tuscany. You will have the opportunity to eat at some of the most exquisite and elegant restaurants in all of Italy, as well as visit some of their famous wineries for wine tasting. On your tour, you will see breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside and capture the exquisiteness that makes up this great land.

If biking is not your thing, you also have the option of taking a walking tour. From your holiday home in Tuscany, you can take a guided tour from people that are eager to show you the beautiful land in which they live. Plan on spending about a half a day with your guide so he or she can take you down the quaint streets of the towns and villages as well as off the tourist track.

There are also year-round festivals, fairs and events that take place throughout the region. In Arrezo, there is a medieval pageant and jousting tournament held every June and September that provides exciting entertainment for people of all ages. In Florence, there is a historic soccer game and parade held in June as well as the medieval "Explosion of the Cart" in April. A cowboy rodeo and parade is held in Grosseto every August, and the Battle of the Bridge, featuring water games on the Arno River, takes place in June in the city of Pisa. Whichever event or festival you wish to attend, we have a holiday home in Tuscany nearby.

When you rent a country holiday home in Tuscany, you will be close to a wide variety of restaurants, bars, churches, museums, markets and more. Tuscany is filled with small, inviting shops and charming boutiques that offer a variety of one of kind souvenirs to remember your one of a kind experience.

Taste the Delicacies of Tuscany

To add to the authenticity of your holiday home in Tuscany, visit some of their magnificent restaurants and taste some of the famous Tuscan dishes. You can find traditional wine shops with a friendly atmosphere and fabulous house wines or a local snack bar that serve delicious local cheeses and are great for outdoor dining. There are also charming candlelit restaurants where you will find various delectable soups, dishes and wines.

While at these restaurants, enjoy some of Tuscany's fine cuisines. Some various appetizers and dishes to try include Tuscan cream puffs, Tuscan bean soup au gratin, Tuscan chicken, and Panzanella Italian bread salad. With a saturation of great restaurants to choose from, you will never be far away when you stay in one of our holiday houses in Tuscany.

Tuscany is wine country. With a temperate climate and soil perfect for growing grapes, it produces some of the finest wines in the world. Wines like Brunello di Montalcino, Tignanello and Sassicaia are among Italy's finer and more expensive wines. Others that are less expensive but just as notable include Morellino di Scansano, Rosso di Montepulciano and Vin Santo, the famous after-dinner wine. The wineries and restaurants that serve these exquisite wines will be right at your fingertips when you stay in a holiday home in Tuscany.

Leave It To The Holiday Rental Experts

With over 20 years of experience, our international, multilingual team of travelers are committed to making sure your stay in your holiday home in the country or city, is enjoyable from start to finish. Rentvillas.com's founder, Suzanne Pidduck, created this company with the intent of making it possible for Americans to enjoy an authentic experience when they decide to vacation in Europe.

Suzanne not only wanted to make the experience possible, she wanted to make it quick, easy and convenient. That is why she has hired dedicated, experienced people who have a goal to make Rentvillas.com the most innovative and most customer-obsessed company in the industry. We now have three websites available that utilize the latest technology available so you can check the availability and make bookings on a large portion of our properties, and you can do it in real time.

With so many years of serving customers like you, we have come to learn what they want and expect. One of those things is privacy and security. At Rentvillas.com, we are a member of VeriSign Authentic Site Program. When you have decided to rent a holiday home in Tuscany, you can click on the VeriSign Authentic Site Seal and be taken to a secure page. This seal verifies that the channel is secure for all e-commerce transactions and ensures that all data exchanged with the server is encrypted and/or unaltered.

We want to make your getaway both pleasurable and carefree from start to finish, and that includes booking our holiday houses in Tuscany. This is not just a vacation, it is an experience unlike any other. And it is one that you will remember for the rest of your life.