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Rome - The Eternal City

You will not find any place in the world quite like it. It is a city saturated in history and home to some of the oldest and most incredible architecture in the world, including the famous Coliseum. Rome is a rare jewel that offers numerous fascinating sights, restaurants, festivals, entertainment and more that you will not find anywhere else.

Make Your Stay an Authentic One

When you stay in Rome, your accommodations should be as authentic and unique as the surroundings. Our Rome vacation rentals give you that authentic experience. Whether you want a large Rome vacation rental in an urban setting, or a small, quaint rental villa just outside of Rome, we have one to suit you.

Our Rome vacation rentals come equipped with all the same amenities a modern hotel offers, along with many more. Properties are available with a television, washing machine, dishwasher, telephone, maid service, air conditioning, and swimming pool. You can find a Rome vacation rental located in the middle of the city, or in a quieter, rural area, whichever you prefer. Our goal is to provide you with a distinct, personable rental villa in Rome which will not only meet your expectations, but will exceed them.

The Many Sights of Rome

A must see is the Coliseum in Rome. Opened in 80 A.D, it was built to be a giant stage for the gladiators of the day. When it was completed, the Coliseum stood over 160 feet tall, had 80 doors, and could hold up to 50,000 spectators. After the fall of the Roman Empire, it was abandoned for many years but is now slowly being restored. The inside of the Coliseum can be entered and toured every day except holidays. You can easily visit this famous structure when you stay in one of our Rome vacation rentals.

Another unforgettable sight is Vatican City. Home to the pope for six centuries now, Vatican City contains the biggest square in all of Rome, named St. Peter's Square. On this square sits the Vatican Basilica, the largest temple of the Christendom. This magnificent structure located in the holy city can be conveniently visited during a stay in a rental villa in Rome.

There are numerous other famous historic sights that you can see when you visit Rome. Some of these include Pantheon, the largest dome in Rome and "Temple to all the Gods," Piazza del Popolo, St. Peter's Church, the Trevi fountain and the National Museum of Pasta Foods. When you stay in a Rome vacation rental, these amazing spectacles will all be at your doorstep.

Dining in Rome

You will not have to search for restaurants when you stay in Rome. There are an abundance of eateries that serve some of the finest Italian cuisine in the world. Pasta, pizza and wine, much of it at very reasonable prices. From small, casual restaurants to elegant, first-class establishments, you will certainly find the dining experience you are looking for when staying in Rome.

Some notable eateries to point out include Giolitti, which serves some of Italy's best ice cream; Corso Chinati, a restaurant with great food and a small, friendly atmosphere; and Spirito di Vino, an excellent restaurant with a friendly staff and impressive wine cellar.

Getting Around

With a wide variety of transportation methods, you will not have any trouble getting around Rome. Renting a car is an option, although it may not be the best one. You can drive to your rental villa in Rome, but most of centre Rome is closed to normal traffic. Another option is the bus. Buses normally run from 6am to midnight, however, some services do run throughout the night. Rome also has a metro service which runs about the same times as the buses.

Perhaps the best way to get around Rome is by foot. It is an easy city to navigate by foot because the historic part of Rome is quite compact. You also have the option of getting a professional tour guide to take you through the streets, but if you decide to walk from your Rome vacation rental every day, you will learn your way around city in no time.

Our Commitment to You

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Her visit with an Italian property management company sparked the creation of Rentvillas.com. From that point on, we have dedicated ourselves to making the process of booking vacation rentals in Rome, Italy as fast, easy and convenient as possible. We have a diverse team of multilingual, international travelers with first-hand experience to ensure your Rome vacation rental will not be overpriced and will fit your specific needs. Our team has committed itself to being the most experienced, innovative and customer-obsessed company in the industry.

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From finding the Rome vacation rental you desire to checking out of it, we are committed to making sure the process is smooth and easy. Rome is a one of kind place that should be experienced in a one of a kind way. Make your vacation one you will never forget by booking your Rome vacation rental today!