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Located in the Campania region of Italy, our Amalfi Coast villas offer an exquisite coastal landscape as well as the ability to travel inland and indulge in the rich history of the surrounding areas.

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Surrounded by majestic scenery, rolling hills, breathtaking coastline and charming towns and villages, Sorrento is a place unlike any other. It is a land so beautiful it has been an inspiration to many writers and artists, some of which include Wagner and Caruso. Sorrento is a rare jewel, full of history and culture, and if you have the opportunity to travel to such a unique place, we will have a Sorrento villa rental just for you.

A Distinctive Sorrento Villa Rental

Most hotel rooms are all alike. When you visit Sorrento, you will be in a place like nowhere else in the world. Our Sorrento villas offer you accommodations that are as distinctive as the location. Whether you are traveling in a group large or small, we have a Sorrento villa rental that will fit your needs. Our villas are available with the same amenities that a modern hotel room offers, plus many others. We understand that your visit to Sorrento will likely be for more than just one night, so we make sure your stay is comforting and convenient.

Our smaller Sorrento villas are available with housekeeping, a washing machine, swimming pool, fenced outside area, tennis and gardening equipment. They are offered with as many bathrooms as bedrooms, spacious living rooms, breathtaking views, and even sandy beaches.

Our larger Sorrento villas are available with the same amenities that our smaller ones offer. They are also available with spacious rooms and fantastic views. We even offer a deluxe villa in Sorrento that will sleep up to 15 people. It has 7 double bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a fenced-in garden and sandy beach. You can find a Sorrento villa rental that will sleep as few as 4 people, as many as 15. Whether you want to rent one in a quiet area outside of town, or closer to the many shops and restaurants the region has to offer, you will find what you are looking for with our Sorrento villas.

Sorrento Offers Something for Everyone

Just like its surroundings, the crafts made in Sorrento are charming and unique. The Via San Cesareo is Sorrento's main shopping street and is saturated with wonderful shops and boutiques. Here you will find various authentic souvenirs, such as wooden crafts and magnificent ceramics. You may also want to pick up some gastronomical products while you are there, such as the famous Limoncello, a tasty digestive liquor made from local lemon peels. Whether you are looking to buy something that will last for years, or just a couple of hours, the city's many possibilities will be at your fingertips when you stay in one of our Sorrento villas.

Of course, you can do more than shop. Sorrento hosts many events throughout the year that depict both the history and culture. From July to September every year, the Sorrento Summer of Music Festival takes place. Music from all genres is demonstrated during this event in which international musicians show off their talent. Sorrento's International Cinema Festival takes place in December. Italy's best films, along with international features and shorts, are awarded during this annual event. Sorrento holds many other events throughout the year, and if you decide to visit during that time, it will be important to reserve your Sorrento villa rental in advance to make sure there is vacancy.

There is also an abundance of sights to be seen in and around the city, which you will not be far from when you rent one of our Sorrento villas. Some notable sights include the Sorrento Cathedral, built in the 11th century and home to some magnificent murals from Neapolitan painters, and Basilica di San Antonino, a structure built in the 10th century that holds the tomb of Saint Anthony. These two sights, along with many others, can be easily reached and enjoyed from your Sorrento villa rental.

Sorrento Cuisine

Sorrento's warm climate allows farms to cultivate delectable citrus fruits in the fertile soil. The soil is also perfect for growing the renowned vines and olives. Along with the unique landscape, residents of Sorrento also use the surrounding sea to provide an abundance of seafood, including fish, lobster and shrimp.

When you choose one of our Sorrento villas, these numerous restaurants that serve the city's fine cuisine will be right at your doorstep. While there, be sure to try their famous gnocchi alla sorrentina, which is made with basil, tomato sauce and their delicious mozzarella cheese. Another mouth-watering dish is their spider crab soup. And since you are in Italy, you may also want to taste the many excellent local wines that Sorrento has to choose from, such as Gragnano and rosso Sorrento.

Our Commitment to You

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At the time, most people did not know that villas in Sorrento, Italy, or any other properties in Europe, could even be rented out as vacation accommodations. After Suzanne started Rentvillas.com and people started returning home with nothing but great things to say, the company quickly grew from a small, part-time operation to a large, full-scale business. It did so by expanding its team of dedicated international people with the experience necessary to handle our diverse clientele.

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Whether you stay in a deluxe villa in Sorrento, or a smaller, charming one, you will find that your experience in this one of a kind place is as authentic as you can make it. A trip to Sorrento will provide you with lasting memories that you will cherish for as long as you live.