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There is no wonder why Tuscany has become one of the most popular destinations in the world. If offers its tourists a wealth of history and culture, the majestic scenery of its landscape, high quality food and wine, and even coastline along the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is truly a one of a kind place, and when you experience this historic land, your stay should be as unique as your surroundings.

A Tuscany Vacation Farmhouse For You

Our Tuscany farmhouse rentals make your vacation something a traditional hotel room will not: authentic. You may be a tourist, but that does not mean you have to act like one. We offer Tuscany farmhouse lodging that will never let you forget where you are and why you came. We have hundreds of Tuscany farmhouse rentals to choose from to make sure you can find exactly what you are looking for.

If you have a large group, we can accommodate you. Have a small group or couple? No problem. Do you want a quiet Tuscany vacation farmhouse outside the city? We have many from which to choose. No matter what size group you are traveling with, or what type of location you want, you can find what you are searching for with our Tuscany farmhouse rentals.

Our farmhouse rentals in Tuscany can accommodate one person, 32 people, and all sizes of groups in between. They are available with washing machines, dishwashers, housekeeping, air conditioning, swimming pools and much more. Some of our Tuscany farmhouse rentals even offer tennis, horseback riding, and gardens. You will also be able to find the vacation rental of your choice in the location you desire. We have Tuscany farmhouse lodging located in rural areas if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful setting. We also have them located closer to the city if you do not want to travel far to see the many sights that Tuscany has to offer.

Renowned Food and Wine

Tuscany is world-renowned for the high quality produce it grows and the fine wine it produces. Each region of Tuscany is famous for its own distinguishing products. Siena is known for its ricciarelli almond biscuits and panforte cake. The rural regions are famous for their rare pork that comes from a breed of pigs called cinta senese. Florence has its Fiorentina steak and ribollita soup, while the Chianti region is known for its succulent olives, which are put into its extra virgin olive oil and used in almost all traditional dishes. We have Tuscany farmhouse rentals in each of these regions, and you will not have to travel far to enjoy the many delectable offerings throughout the entire area.

Also not far from our Tuscany farmhouse rentals are the many wineries that are scattered throughout the region. Tuscany has the perfect climate and soil to grow some of the highest quality grapes in the entire world. These grapes are put into their wide variety of wines and served throughout the numerous restaurants and wine shops in Tuscany. With so many attractions in close proximity to your Tuscany vacation farmhouse, however, it will be difficult to visit each desired winery or restaurant in one trip.

An Array of Activities

Tuscany has a rare landscape that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. One great way to tour this magnificent land is by foot. You can either leave from your Tuscany vacation farmhouse and tour the area on your own, or have a professional guide you. A professionally guided tour will take you up and down the streets of the region's charming towns and villages, as well as off the tourist track to discover some of Tuscany's hidden secrets.

Tuscany is full of art and culture. Its history dates all the way back to the first century B.C. It has an endless amount of artistic splendors, a variety of monuments and museums, and numerous festivals and events throughout the area that depict Tuscany's distinct culture. When you stay in one of our Tuscany farmhouse rentals, you will become a part of the region's vast history and unique way of life.

With its warm climate, distinctive landscape and sandy beaches, Tuscany offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. Some of these activities include golf, horseback riding, mountain biking, sailing, canoeing, tennis, soccer and much, much more. There are other various water and snow sports that can be enjoyed, as well as many amusement parks throughout the region that will keep the kids entertained. Whether you choose one of our Tuscany vacation rentals in the city or on the water, there will be an array of activities for you to enjoy right in your area.

Dedication and Experience

For over 20 years now, Rentvillas.com has been leasing Tuscany farmhouse rentals out to people just like yourself. Our founder, Suzanne Pidduck, started the company with the idea that many Americans would enjoy the same authentic experience she did when she stayed in a Tuscany vacation farmhouse with her family. At that time, it was unknown to Americans that staying in farmhouse rentals in Tuscany was even an option. Not only did she want to raise awareness, she wanted to make the process of renting them much less daunting.

She did so by meeting with an Italian property management team and creating Rentvillas.com. In a short period of time, Rentvillas.com has grown from a small operation to a full-scale business. There are a couple reasons for this. First, people were returning home from their Tuscany farmhouse rentals with nothing but great things to tell their friends and family. Secondly, she built a team of multilingual people that had the experience needed to assist the growing number of clients. This team is dedicated to becoming the most innovative and customer-obsessed company in the industry.

One way we are doing this is by making it easier for people to check the availability and book our Tuscany farmhouse rentals, as well as our many other properties. We have made this possible with our new Web site, which allows you to do this in real time. We are committed to enhancing the experience of renting our Tuscany farmhouse lodging and make it as easy and convenient as possible.

We are also committed to protecting your privacy. Rentvillas.com is a member of the VeriSign Authentic Site Program which makes our site safe and secure for all e-commerce transactions. It also means that any and all data exchanged over our server will be encrypted and unaltered. You can view the details of this program by clicking on the VeriSign Authentic Site Seal wherever you see it. We take this precaution because we know that renting one of our Tuscany farmhouse rentals should be enjoyable, not worrisome. After all, it is the beginning of a one of a kind experience you will remember and talk about for the rest of your life.