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There is no where in the world quite like Tuscany, Italy. On top of its warm weather and sandy beaches, it offers tourists a vast array of historic sights, breathtaking scenery, and world-renowned cuisine that cannot be found anywhere else. It is truly a one of a kind place that should be enjoyed in a one of a kind way.

Our Many Villas to Rent in Tuscany

This one of a kind way is in a villa rental in Tuscany. Our Tuscan villas allow you to experience this unique land the way it should be experienced. Traditional hotel rooms are too mundane for this extraordinary region. Renting a villa in Tuscany will make your stay as authentic as your incredible surroundings.

We have hundreds of different villas to rent in Tuscany so you will be able to find one that is just right for you and your group. No matter what type of group it is, whether large or small, we have a villa rental in Tuscany to accommodate you. Our smaller villas will sleep as few as one or two people. We also have a villa rental in Tuscany that will accommodate over 30 people and is great for weddings and family reunions.

Our villas for rent in Tuscany come equipped with all the same amenities you will find in a traditional hotel room, even though some of them were built hundreds of years ago. They are available with housekeeping, air conditioning, a dishwasher, washing machine, television and telephone. Some of the more unique features include a swimming pool, garden equipment, tennis, horseback riding, fenced outside area and more. After a refreshing swim in your pool or an invigorating game of tennis, you can go back inside to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views our villa rentals in Tuscany offer.

These wonderful views are available in a variety of different locations. You can choose a villa rental in Tuscany that is located in the midst of the city, with the various shops, boutiques and restaurants right down the street, or rent one in the scenic countryside, with a more quiet and exclusive setting. Whether you choose a farmhouse rental in Tuscany that is outside the city, or in the heart of it, you will be able to enjoy fabulous views of the beautiful region.

An Abundance of Activities

If you have decided that you have stayed in your villa rental in Tuscany for long enough, you will be able to find plenty to do in the surrounding area. Tuscany offers a variety of sights, attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy. It has an abundance of cultural events and festivals, world-renown wine and cuisine, as well as numerous outdoor activities that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.

Whether you choose a villa rental in Tuscany that is in Pisa, Siena, Florence, Arezzo, or some other region, you will be able to enjoy many wonderful historic sights and cultural events nearby. One of the more notable of these events is the Palio race held in Siena each summer. The residents of Siena start preparing for this event months ahead of time to get ready for the thousands of tourists drawn to it each year. The city has a medieval atmosphere during this event, which includes the famous horse race around the Piazza del Campo. Your farmhouse rental in Tuscany will allow you to visit these remarkable sights and events without having to travel far.

You will also not have to travel far from your villa rental in Tuscany to enjoy the region's world-renowned wine and cuisine. The luscious Tuscan grapes, which grow in the agricultural-rich Chianti region, are used to make the many fine wines of the area. These wines can be tasted in either the several magnificent wineries throughout the region, or in the variety of charming restaurants that saturate the area. Also in these restaurants, you will be able to try a whole range of delectable dishes that are made with local produce and prepared with Tuscany's famous extra-virgin olive oil. You can choose a villa rental in Tuscany that will make this excellent food and wine all at your fingertips.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? With its miles of coastline, unique landscape and warm climate, Tuscany is able to offer a wide range of outdoor activities. Some of these activities include golf, tennis, horseback riding, sailing, canoeing, mountain biking and more. If you decide to visit during the winter months, Tuscany has many hills that are perfect for skiing. There are even amusement parks throughout the area to provide a day of entertainment for the entire family. No matter which part of the region you decide to stay, your villa rental in Tuscany will be in close proximity to the abundance of fantastic activities that are offered.

Ensuring Your Privacy and Security

Rentvillas.com was started in 1984 after its founder, Suzanne Pidduck, returned home from a month-long vacation to Italy. She had the privilege of staying in a villa rental in Tuscany with her family, and she enjoyed it so much she decided to meet with an Italian property management team before she left. Her goal was to make renting villas in Tuscany, as well as other places throughout Europe, a much less daunting task. She created Rentals in Italy, which later became Rentvillas.com.

People began finding villas to rent in Tuscany and were soon returning home with wonderful stories of their unique experiences. An international team with travel knowledge and experience was assembled to handle the growing number of clientele. Today, Rentvillas.com has more villas to rent in Tuscany than ever before. It has also made it easier than ever before by launching a third Web site, which makes it possible to find and book a villa rental in Tuscany in real time. This is part of our commitment to becoming more innovative and customer-obsessed than any other business in the industry.

We are also committed to your privacy and security, and for that reason, Rentvillas.com is a member of the VeriSign Authentic Site Program. This program ensures that our site is secure for all e-commerce transactions, and that any data exchanged over our server is encrypted and will not be altered. When you book a villa rental in Tuscany, you will not have to worry about who is seeing the information you provide. Rentvillas.com does not sell or share any of your personal information with others.

We want your time with us to be enjoyable and carefree, because you are not just booking a regular accommodation for an ordinary vacation. Renting a villa in Tuscany is the beginning of a rare and wonderful experience that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life.