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France is one of the most visited countries in the entire world, and for very good reason. It has over a thousand miles of beautiful coastline, world-renowned wine and cuisine, picturesque fairytale castles, and high fashion. There are also many magnificent sights to see in this gorgeous land, and you will be able to enjoy all of this from your doorstep when you stay in one of our rental villas in France.

Our Many Villas for Rent in France

To complement your visit, we have many enchanting villas in France that will make your stay as authentic as your surroundings. Whether you are traveling by yourself, or with a group of 20 people, we have a holiday villa in France that will accommodate you. Though some were originally build hundreds of years go, all of our villas come with the same amenities that a traditional hotel room offers. Our villas in France are available with housekeeping, a dishwasher, washing machine, television, incoming and outgoing telephone, as well as air conditioning. Some of the more unique amenities are a swimming pool, tennis, golf, horseback riding, private outside area and more. We have villas for rent in France that offer so many features, you may never want to leave.

Click on the map above to browse villas for rent by region, or click here to register with Rentvillas.com. Registration is free and secure, and enables you to submit availability and hold requests on properties. You'll also get your own personal Travel Advisor, who can help you find the perfect holiday villas in France for your stay.

We also have villas in France that are located throughout the country. From the northern region of Normandy all the way to the south of France, our villas are conveniently located so you will be able to stay in the location you desire. If you prefer to have all the restaurants, shops and boulevards at your doorstep, we have villas in France that are in the midst of the cities. Would you prefer to be outside the city? You can choose a holiday villa in France in the countryside, with stunning views of the landscape and a more peaceful, private setting. No matter which area you choose, your French villa will provide a comfortable, relaxing place to return to after a full day of joyful entertainment.

France Has Much to Offer

France offers a variety of activities that will keep you as active as you are enthralled. There are many beautiful historic sights to visit, charming restaurants that serve their world-famous cuisine, 1,500 miles of sandy beaches, and the French Alps, which are home to some of the best ski resorts in the world. You can choose one of our several villas in France that is in close proximity to your most desired location.

One way to enjoy the many treasures of France is to take a guided tour. With its many diverse sights, terrains, food and wine, a walking or cycling tour is able to offer something for almost anyone. During your tour, you will see some of the wondrous sites of the country. From the citadel of Mont Saint Michel to the castles of Loire, there are majestic historical sites scattered throughout all of France. A professional guide will take you down the charming boulevards as well as off the tourist track to show you some of the many hidden secrets of France. You also have the option to simply walk out of your holiday villa in France and take a self-guided tour of the surrounding area. There are so many sights to be seen, you will not have to travel far to see them.

These tours will also give you the opportunity to enjoy one of France's best treasures: world-famous cuisine. The French spend a lot of time preparing, talking about, and enjoying their food. Food is of great importance to the French, and this is evident in the many gastronomic delights they have to offer. Some of these delights include truffles, snails, foie gras and Roquefort cheese, as well as many delectable patisseries.

To wash down this excellent cuisine, you may want to try some of their renowned wine. France has numerous wines to choose from, so you might want to make your selection based on which region you are in. If your holiday villa in France is in Provence, Bandol or Bellet would be great wine regions to visit. If you are in Alsace, a Riesling or Pinot Gris are good choices. It does not matter which area of the country you are staying in, you will be close to a wide selection of fantastic wines when you stay in one of our villas in France.

If you like the outdoors, you will have a number of various activities to keep you busy while in France, no matter which season you are visiting. The country has 1,500 miles of sandy beaches located on three different bodies of water: the Mediterranean Sea, English Channel, and Atlantic Ocean. France's several beaches serve as a great getaway during the hot summer months. Our villas in France also put you close to a variety of other outdoor activities, including golf, horseback riding, mountain biking and more. If you decide to visit during the winter months, you will be able to enjoy some of the best ski resorts in the world located in the French Alps. Our villas in France can put you near any of these several activities, and with so much to offer, you will find something for everyone.

Our Experience Makes the Difference

Rentvillas.com has been renting villas in France to people just like yourself for over 20 years. Suzanne Pidduck started the company in 1984 after a month-long trip to Italy in which she stayed with her family in a Tuscan villa. She wanted to make sure others could enjoy a similar experience. In the early 80's, most Americans did not even know it was possible to rent villas in France, or any other part of Europe. With Rentvillas.com, formerly Rentals in Italy, they soon found out, and the small, part-time operation quickly grew into a full-scale business.

Today, Rentvillas.com is committed to being the most innovative and customer-obsessed business in the industry. We are accomplishing this through our multilingual, international team of experienced individuals, as well as through the launch of our third Web site. The site utilizes the latest technology to make it easier than ever before to find and rent our villas in France, which allows you to do so in real time. We want to make your experience with us both convenient and enjoyable.

We also want to make it worry-free. When you are booking one of our villas in France, you should not have to worry about who might be viewing the information you are providing. That is why Rentvillas.com is a member of the VeriSign Authentic Site Program. This program ensures that any data exchanged over our server is encrypted and unchanged. It also verifies that our site is secure for all e-commerce transactions. That means that when you reserve one of our villas in France, all you will have to worry about is how you are going to do everything you would like in one short visit.